An accidental beginning.


Hi, my name is Daniel Strabley – I am the creator of the Wally Board – or more affectionately know as “Wally” – and this is my journey.

When I created Wally I did it for one simple reason. To help my wifes grandfather (Wally) cope with his early stage of dementia. I never planned for this to become a product or a business, I just wanted to help.

It started simple enough – Wally was having difficulty understanding if it was morning or afternoon, a condition known as “Sundowners”. To help, we found a clock that would read the time and the time of day… for $90, an absurd price for what it provided.

I started with an Acer brand laptop and some very basic HTML/JavaScript code -within an hour, I had all the the functionality the $90 device had plus background images that changed with the time and the current weather. I then wrapped it in a frame I built from some leftover scrap trim and it was done in one day with materials I already had on hand.

This was in April. As I write this in August, we have come a long way. The simple web-page became a complex system. The hardware became slimmer and cheaper and the impact on Wally has become greater and greater… and now we are a business.

I plan on forming this business around transparency.  I’m not an expert in cognitive disorders or forming a startup. This is a journey for me and my family. Blogging about it the entire way – documenting the success and the pitfalls as we go.

We have received a lot of attention on this project and it’s importance. It has surprised us and inspired us and I hope you will follow our progress.

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