Prototype One


I pulled the trigger last week – tho I should have talked to with my better half before I did – but I have ordered a sample tablet for what could be the production ready version of Wally.

Finding the right tablet to work from has been a challenge. My list of demands seems to grow on a daily basis but it is crucial that all of them are met. I’ve been told in the past, I am not easy to please… I see it now. But I don’t find that to be a negative when it comes to this. Our users will all have varying levels of disabilities and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

This device has a gorgeous IPS LCD that enable a crystal clear screen at a 170 degree viewing angle – this is far better than anything we currently have deployed. It’s also light weight – maybe too light. This could be solved when we get it wrapped in our custom silicone sleeve which is still in the works.


The WiFi has been decent from what I’ve tested so far – WiFi is usually not a problem. One thing I’m thinking bout adding is a sim card holder for those who do not have internet – but this would mean an additional cost for the user, something I’m not to keen on at this moment

The software on this machine leaves a lot to be desired. Even though we will be loading our own custom ROM – these machines come with a pre-configured setup that… well… let’s just say, I am skeptical about. I am getting a copy of the firmware from the manufacture tonight – I’m curious to see what it is comprised of…

Getting this prototype is a big milestone for me. I feel that we’re making a lot of progress very quickly and cannot wait to see what else this project has in store.

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