Both ends burning.

2016-08-22 15_32_09-WallyBoard - Your Digital Assistant. - Opera

It’s been a long week for me but I managed to get out the WallyBoard website on Friday night. If you haven’t had a look, I encourage you to check it out ( I still need to do some work on it for mobile web browsers, but since I am essentially a team of one, it is not my highest priority this today.

Next to my 40 hour a week day job, I have also been pecking away on getting the memory game out the door. I wanted to have it ready this past weekend but other things got in the way. My wife and I are heading to Nashville this Friday for some much needed down time, I’m hoping to have that pushed out before we go so I won’t have it on my mind.

The hardware selection is still underway. The last sample got a B- on my grading scale for what I am looking for… It had some short comings with the version of Android and the support from the company felt flaky at best. Thanks to some surprise funding, I will be ordering many more samples this week from another vendor. Fingers crossed on these.

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