One step forward.


I didn’t get the memory game done by the time I had to go to Nashville. I feel a little behind but I made significant progress tonight and it will be launched by the end of the week.  Everything is working, the artwork could use some work, but I am my worst critic, so maybe its just me bring picky.  Sorry for the quality of the posting photo. It’s getting late here and I’m on Hong Kong time.

On the hardware side of the business, I think I we are very close to finding our vendor. The last sample seems great, but in hindsight, I think the stars in our eyes were due to the fact that we were making progress – not that we had an ideal product in our hands, which like I’ve stated in an earlier posting – just won’t do.

The latest vendor I’m working with really seems to understand what I’m trying to do and has been supplying me with a steady stream of options and configurations. Time will tell if the talk lives up to the product – we are expecting samples within the next week – of course, I will post an update.

To add on to the growing list of tasks that need to be completed is the search for our first round of funding. There are various methods for getting capital but going about getting it seems daunting. I keep hearing about how great this idea is, but does that translate into someone handing over a check? No… it doesn’t… It’s going to take a lot of hard work – harder than I’m working now, but I’m confident we will get there.

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