Seven is less than ten.


Sorry everybody – I know it’s been a while since I have written a post – the last was before I left for Nashville to be specific. Vacation was fun. It was good to clear my head for a couple days, but its time to get back to business.

Veggie Memory, the first game for the WallyBoard has launched – it’s fun… really!  I catch myself playing it a lot. Checkout the screenshot below. It’s just the beginning tho – our plans are to build out the Wally platform to allow people to create their own applications and games.


I have been in contact with a lot of hardware manufacturers recently. Still looking for the right partner. The last vendor was charging too much for shipping and by the time I paid the bank transfer prices – the cost of the fees were more than the hardware itself.  So, I’m looking elsewhere. I want to have a beta program inline by the end of the year – looking for multiple facilities with at least 100 users total. What you see in the title photo is an Amazon Fire 7. Amazon has been great to work with – it’s affordable – quality hardware – and their wholesales prices are very competitive… it’s just… too small. But the case is EXACTLY what we’re looking for. So were not making that much headway in that department, just baby steps.

Stay tuned for some more updates – we have a lot of stuff in the works. We’re ready to roll.