Watching Kittens

Wow. We have come a long way in the past month… I know a lot of start ups say things like that but we have been busy. Late night and early mornings. The daily grind of the nine to five. Essentially working most hours while awake. It’s paying off. WallyBoard has moved from browsers to native android application. No longer relying on an external application source to serve the boards, its all done locally – in house – something we are extremely proud of.


Everything in the app has been re-engineered. When logging in you can either use the administrator view or jump directly into the user mode. The logic behind the board has been updated. Auto dimming / better touch controls / all running on the newest version of Chromium, so no matter what device you run it on, it will be using the latest and greatest. We have customized the board to support two minimum and maximum sizes. All boards are now using high resolution IPS screens.

We also added in magnetic charging ports – Micro USB ports proved to be very challenging for our users.


On the user side of the board, we now have famous works of art as the background – these change on the hour. Our weather code as improved – offering the current condition as well as the temperature. Our Wally character also makes an appearance in the bottom right as the switch to bring up the Wally menu.


Thanks to all the technical updates we did – we’re now offering two new features – Live Internet Radio and Live Web Cams.


We are working on digital audio controls for the radio – right now we are using the on-board rocker switch as you would with your phone. Once we finalize our hardware specs – it will make this easier. There are currently five different test hardware platforms in the wild.


I cannot save enough good things about people who dedicate their time into providing 24/7 live camera feeds on-line. The joy our users have gotten our of simply watching a group of kittens play – or the sun setting over a remote beach as been an overwhelming experience.


So, what next? I’m currently wrapping up the back end system that will allow facilities to control all the boards as an entire integrated system. When that is done, the board to board communication layer will be started and then we will be ready to do a large scale beta test.  I am also working with a few hardware manufacturers in efforts to get support for a full facility roll out with at least 100 units taking part in the testing. This though comes with a cost… and a quite hefty one at that… so based of what I hear in the next week or two, we may considering a funding campaign – something I wanted to avoid, but it might be worth it.